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Chicago Musculoskeletal Initiative (ChiMSI)

A Division of OnePatient - Global Health Initiative

About Us

Chicago Musculoskeletal Initiative (ChiMSI) - Delivering On A Promise Of Serving Chicago's Underserved

A group of like-minded physicians dedicated to delivering improved function and quality of life to Chicago’s at-risk communities. We utilize state-of-the-art treatments to help get people back on their feet & moving.

Our Mission

To Improve Musculoskeletal Healthcare Access & Quality Of Life In Underserved Communities

We initiate outreach & education to at-risk communities by providing vital medical services focused on the musculoskeletal health needs of populations that have historically been largely overlooked. Regardless of ability to pay, our ultimate goal is to help Chicago’s neediest residents have access to consistent, comprehensive, and compassionate healthcare.

Overcoming The Status Quo

Health Care Disparities Are A Critical Challenge To The American Health Care System

Studies show that racial and ethnic minorities receive lower-quality health care than non-minorities, even when insurance status, income, age and severity of conditions are comparable. The causes of these disparities are many - poverty, unequal access to health care, poor environmental conditions, educational inequalities, individual behaviors, and language barriers are all-important contributors. ChiMSI works within the most underserved communities to help eliminate these disparities.

Community Service & Outreach

ChiMSI Provides Unprecedented Musculoskeletal Care To Chicago’s At-Risk Communities

We devote considerable resources to outreach activities and services that help rebuild lives, with a focus on care for the underserved and disadvantaged. Through partnerships with schools, businesses and local community groups, we develop sustainable solutions that will have a lasting impact on our communities. These solutions include: outreach, education, wellness & prevention, and mobile health screening.


ChiMSI Is A Division Of OnePatient - Global Health Initiative, A 501-C-3 Nonprofit Organization

Please donate generously to help ChiMSI further its goal of providing non-discriminatory musculoskeletal care to the most underserved communities of Chicago. Your donations are tax deductable, with each dollar providing compassionate care, life-changing health services, and state-of-the-art medical attention to those who need it most. Thank you.

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