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Just Talk
w/ Dr. Karla Ivankovich, PhD, LCPC
President, OnePatient Global Health Initiative

Read the latest articles written by our Founder and President, Dr. Karla Ivankovich.

Stress Connections - Demands Create Stress

Changing Climate of our Nation

Health Psychology - The Perfect Storm...

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Caring Community Starts With You...

Compassion is the most cherished quality of the human heart. We all desire to help those in need, but healthcare problems are so overwhelming, many feel powerless to make a difference.

Just Imagine...

Imagine communities of caring people serving their neighbors regardless of race or status - OnePatient provides the means. Imagine teams of compassionate physicians and area healthcare providers freed from red-tape and bureaucracy - OnePatient clears the way. Imagine life-changing resources made available to those unable to pay - OnePatient brings them together.


Promoting compassionate care, establishing truly meaningful connections, and changing lives. Join us in this mission. Together we'll make a difference - OnePatient at a time.

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Get to Know Us!

After seeing patients unable to get basic health care services, partners Dr. Karla Ivankovich and Dr. Daniel Ivankovich decided to lead the charge and change the landscape of healthcare by co-founding OnePatient Global Health Initiative, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization designed to establish sustainable programs of outreach, prevention and patient education at multiple locations throughout the disparate areas of Chicago... Read More

Speaking Engagements

Interested in booking us as speakers for your event Seasoned professionals at the podium, both Karla Ivankovich and Daniel Ivankovich make a lasting impression that is powerful. Maybe it’s the fact that he has been reported to be 7’ tall or maybe it’s that she only measures in at 5’3” but you can be certain that this dynamic duo has weighed in domestically and internationally as true powerhouse players. Having been invited to speak at National Summits, to lead and participate in focus groups, as university lecturers and more, these pioneers in the field are able to address issues relevant to today’s youth, today’s medical community, and today’s mental health and social work constituency and they do so in a manner that is not beholden to a political agenda or at the behest of a funding entity. What you will get is their straightforward presentation that always leaves audiences asking, “What more can I do?” Their signature “leather and lace” approach inspires audiences to be of service, be accountable, be kind but most of all, be real. With a deep understanding of the many changes associated with wellness, their perspectives resonate with all genders, all ages and builds a real approach to support a stronger community. Together, their charming wit, refreshing personalities and positive outlook offer insight into health, wellness and personal accountability. Let us know if you are interested in arranging educational trainings for your students or staff, inspirational seminars to your patients or clients, or to schedule a motivational discussions on how two people managed to change the climate of health and wellness…OnePatient at a time.